Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do we have to be the same?

Does everybody have to start a family to be happy?Should our ultimate goal in life be-a wife/husband,a child/children,a house,a stable financial situation and a stable job?Is that the full experience,the reason for our existence?

Well...not for some..
or maybe not just some,but they don't admit it.It would sound crazy to state-"I never want a stable life with a spouse and children" or "I never want to settle down,I want to lead a nomadic life".There are some to whom this option would never come to mind,because they're so caught up in their everyday life.Others would think this is too scary-not living like the average person,risking a sure thing?-noooo way!Society has forced some idea of the perfect situation for people,it planned out our life from the beginning until the end-you go to school,then a next one,and next etc,get a job,work-try to attain a higher and higher post,start a family-but still work a lot(because that is the greatest value in life),retire,have grandchildren,die.Nice!The hard work in an enclosed space for most of our life really payed off...not!

When you have a different plan for your life,that opposes the traditional one,for example,you don't want to get married,have children or even have a relationship(1.waste of time 2.too much work:)),people tend to say "You'll see,it'll change when you get older".What if you are older and it didn't change?What if what you realize about life and how you want to live it,is completelty different than the generally accepted version of life?You can be looked upon as weird,odd or naive,silly,stupid.That's not relevant.What's important is expanding your horizons,making new discoveries and being conscious of what's actually happening around you.I say,don't go with the flow,start your own flow or go with your flow.Try to stand out while you're alive because after you're gone all what's left of you is a grave,the same as every other one.

How about not going to University,instead you sign up for a volunteer program and go to South America or Africa?Or,can you imagine not having a stable job but travelling around the world as a waiter/waitress or whomever(even trying all different kinds of jobs)?Go to China to teach English or to Australia to work in the fields!How cool would that be,travelling around the world and having various professions?Ok,so you can clearly see what my flow is,but people can spike up their lives staying in one place and doing something extraordinary there.The point is to try to make everyday special and different(although it's special just how it is,but just so we don't forget it).Yes,overall,nothing is original(as I have already written in my 2nd post)but amongst us there are more and less original personas(not that they are the first to do something,but the way they do it is unique).You should think more consciously,not socially,think of youe needs and wants and separate them from the typical representative of the Homo sapiens cares for.Reevaluate your life and I'm not thinking of just the fashion style or hairstyle,I'm thinking lifestyle.Because even the desire or need of a girlfriend/boyfriend can be a social need,maybe a relationship really isn't for you and you don't need it(and never will)?So get out there,try new things,get out of your comfort zone,change your profession,move to a different city or country,start a class on a subject you know nothing about,sell your flat and buy a house in the countryside in Argentina-or whatever else,do it!If that won't make you happy...then go get that office job and start that family thing.

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