Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't be afraid to explore!

There are many roads that you can take in life, so why not actually take them all?!Experience many lifestyles,jobs,religions.Live in various places of the world.Change your environment,society,habits,even the people around you!We tend to choose the safe and easy way out by sticking to what we know.But the thing is,we have one life(let's say you believe in reincarnation-your present life the only life exactly like this that you will have,others will be different), don't we deserve to live it to the fullest?It may even be our obligation!So I'm going to move my lazy,scared,self-conscious ass and do everything differently!So, here I am starting my blog,which I was always afraid to do-writing and having it read by people!Now I quote an interesting book I've read recently( "Who moved my cheese?"-Spencer Johnson M.D.)-"What would you do if you weren't afraid?"Soo,what would you do?Ok,you thought of it,now go and do it!

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