Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unchangeable forms

Generalizing (a loot), there are basic forms, which concern all people, like: family, friends, love, work, school etc etc. It's impossible to make new forms, we can only alter the contents of the interior(have new friends or partners, change schools or jobs etc). So overall, we can say we are all soo unoriginal.
Even fighting against the forms, puts you right back into one-a rebel form. Everything is classified in some order. You can think "Nothing new awaits this life" and you are somewhat right. But élan vital pushes us further, so without much thought we go on living, no matter what. Ok, ok, yes it is a dark and depressing vision, but the truth is, that even if the form is unoriginal, the inside of it is unique and the one and only for every individual. We can still have fun with the inside of our form and try to make it as colorful and meaningful as we can, for ourselves. Don't mind what others will think of you though, that will only hold you back. And remember, originality doesn't have to be a part of the fun, cause that's not the point, most has been done or thought of in one way or another, just concentrate on if it's truly interesting for YOU!

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