Saturday, May 28, 2011

Signs and regrets

There are popular expressions such as "Never regret anything" or "You should only regret the things you didn't do".I generally don't regret anything in my life(much),I try to tell myself,that everything happens for some reason.Sometimes though,I believe in signs.I have changed my studies quite a lot(4 times).That was some kind of risk, so the expression-"The only thing you live to regret are the risks you didn't take" is of no use in this case.
On the other hand,it could have been a sign to not continue studying and do something else,if there was something wrong (in my opinion) with each major.Now I know,I should have quit school after the second major (or even first)and start travelling.It's more fun and easier to travel when you're young.After every change of school,I told myself that it wasn't a waste of money or time,because in some way I was richer in experience.But I truly believe that travelling enrichens you much more than any school.And,school isn't for everybody,although it's such a natural choice after highschool.I actually couldn't wait until I could start University and finally only learn about the things that interest me,but that's not how it works in reality.I think studies weren't the best choice for my kind of personality.I get bored easily,I constantly need new stimuli.Each University just couldn't satisfy my needs.Change of majors was a "social risk",an action not well perceived by society.That's nothing compared to giving up the conformity of everyday life in this society and leaving wherever the road leads you to for however long.Travelling is a great risk to take.So now,I can regret that I didn't listen to the signs and my needs.Like with some things,I also explain this,that without going through what I have,maybe I would never be at the point where I am.Now I know what I could have done,but at the time I didn't have this clear vision.Better late than never I guess.Ok, I know I'm not sooo old and I can still travel,but I regret that I didn't start muuuch earlier, that's all.Now I will do what I can,to put my dreams into action,so my inner fire for it doesn't go out.If you put things off for too long you may stop caring and never do them.Now you don't want to become indifferent,do you?!Me neither!From now on,I will listen to the signs I get:)

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