Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy?...not so much.

Sex is easy...to have,to attain,to live off of etc.That doesn't or shouldn't mean that men or women who have casual sex are easy.It can mean quite the opposite.Nowadays,when everything is so shallow,empty and without meaning it also affects the love/sex part of life.Sex is not hard to get or give,it's actually the easiest thing to give,emotions on the other hand are not.
So having causal sex doesn't make someone easy,because it's nothing special.What's special is feeling something more.People who have sex whilst not being in a relationship shouldn't be portayed as easy,because it's such a necessary and natural need.So if you don't connect it with emotions,it's like a yoga class or fitness.The hard part is to fall in love and have the person return your feelings.That's what makes a person easy or not.It's easy to get someone to go to bed with you,cause plain sex can be that unmeaningful.There shouldn't be any awkward feeling afterwards.So you can still have casual sex just because you like this kind of physical activity and not feel "easy" or "slutty"(although these words are mostly for women,because it's still natural for men to sleep around and be praised for it,but women are sluts if they do that),but the contrary you can feel you're hard to get if you treat sex as nothing more than that.I'm just saying,neither sex(male or female not sex sex:)) should feel weird if that's how they treat it.Also,after having many partners,you shouldn't think how good you are with the ladies or fellows,because like I said everyone can get sex but not everyone can have that person stay with you longer or want to be with a person(cause not getting attached to someone emotionally can (doesn't have to) be a problem).Being able to fall in love and having a person fall in love with you is some kind of a triumph far more difficult than getting him/her to sleep with you.I'm not saying sleep around all you want or the most important thing is love,I'm just saying,summing this up,that having random sex is nothing bad as long as you don't make it a thing that you boast about(cause there's nothing special in it)cause the emotions are hard to attain not sex but it doesn't make you an "easy" man/woman as it's everyone's basic need.My other point is that creating something serious is the difficult thing,which can make you or others be hard to get and if you get easily attached maybe that can mean you're easy:)

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