Monday, February 6, 2012

Extremely unwanted

A tragic accident has happened recently in Poland. A 22-year old girl announced that  her child had been stolen. Soon after this it turned out that she had dropped her baby on the floor, it died and the mother hid it in somewhere. Terrible, horrible, unbearable.
But if this isn’t enough to support abortion, I don’t know what is. This (very young) mother, might have not even wanted this child to be born, yet the law doesn’t allow abortion. So, she goes through with the pregnancy, has the baby but finally has a break down, because she feels overwhelmed with all the things had never wanted etc. If abortion would have been allowed, this maybe would have never happened. Yeah, you can say, they can always give it up for adoption. This solution might be worse for both-the mother and child. A mother has to deal with being a horrible person and in some way give up a part of herself, and the child is raised in an orphanage or foster homes, and the only certain thing for it is that it will have issues or mental disabilities or disorders. The funny thing is that every alcoholic or junkie can have a child, but when it comes to adoption there are sooo many conditions you have to comply with, that it’s almost impossible to succeed. Parenthood should be a choice not an accident. And there’s no right age for it. Of course, even when you really want a child, after some time you can be stressed out and exhausted or even get depressed, but this doesn’t happen as often to people who want a child and prepare for it, as it does to those who don’t. In my opinion, the consequences of giving a child up for adoption or keeping an unwanted child are far worse than having an abortion, when there is still no actual child formed.

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