Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post-industrial evil

   Sometimes I hate the world for the injustice that takes  place in it. We are very much civilized, yet it’s sometimes hard to notice. I wonder, how can there be so much pain, hatred, hurting, ignorance, poverty, suffering in a world where we have cures  for so many illnesses, educated people, rules,laws, organized governments etc. I just don’t understand the indifference which happens on an everyday basis. I guess the money-making mechanisms exclude emotions, feelings and humanity. We live together, yet try to separate ourselves from others as much as possible. I think it’s mainly due to our selfishness. It’s probably best to take action, not moan about it, but sometimes I can’t help to wonder about the “evil” in the world and where it comes from. Gandhi said it the best- “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” The hardest part is to be aware of the wrong you are doing, when you’re doing it and not after you’ve done it. Also, it’s hard for me to stand that, I’m not causing the poverty, suffering and pain (I am the change)yet it exists(and the change isn’t in the world).It’s such a long process maybe even never-ending, because  evil may be inevitable.
        Are People Inherently Good?-this article may explain the „smaller” sins, but not the extreme ones, like hurting animals, children, loved ones, the homeless, physically or verbally harassing someone etc. etc. etc. We’re not aware of it all the time, but when we become conscious for a moment of the evil, it hurts, even when we’re not the ones in that situation(which is something to be grateful for, but we can also ask, why must some suffer extremely when others don’t?).
           The sad truth is, we are not born equal. One of the things that distinguishes us from animals, is that we could choose not to have a hierarchy. It’s one of the causes of inequality. But until then, we can choose to treat each other as equals and not give into the social way of thinking. Humans should support each other in any situation. Just because someone chose to live differently and it didn't work out for him or he’s struggling to make a living but fails, doesn’t mean he should be left alone with the consequences. Recently I came to a conclusion, that  one of the reasons I don’t support the way this civilized society is organized, is because it’s not fulfilling the reasons why it was formed. We form groups to be safer, help out when in need, for support. Without these things, we can be better off alone, yet we choose the safety of society. And still we may not experience this help. As if society is made to support the strongest so they can get  richer and leaves the rest striving for the basic comforts and needs. Then there is the part of society which struggles to make ends meet or get at least one meal per day in their stomachs. It’s like they’re left to themselves, which makes their situation grow worse. 
         We(the people) are all human beings, no matter what happens. We should never be too confident of our own situation and be aware of all the possibilities that life has to offer, even (or especially) the worst ones. Maybe the industrial revolution was a mistake and it has had a negative effect on society. We've lost a sense of community and forgot what good can come from mutualism. Although slowly, we’re getting there, it’s just a shame that so very slowly…Ok, enough of this negativity, but I just had to get it out of me!

This music video exactly shows  the everyday,moving scenes which are oh so sad-depressed,lonely,elderly, heart-broken etc. people.But these are mainly caused by interpersonal relationships.The title could have been "People hurt people". Still,so simple yet moving.

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