Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stop torpor now!

       There are so many things I want to do, goals to accomplish, places to see, so much fun to have, lifestyles to try. Yet, sometimes a state of stagnation gets in the way and freezes all those wonderful things. Maybe it literally freezes because of the low temperature outside, but as we are responsible for what happens to us, it’s probably our state of mind. Many of us know, that we can and must control our thoughts, emotions etc. so they remain positive. Unfortunately at times it’s impossible, and this period of time may last 5-minutes,a day, but a month or months is possible as well. Going along with “Everything happens for a reason”, what good can come from a long-term stagnation?
It can be quite harmful to your present or future plans, it can mess up what you have been working on for some time. Can helplessness really be helpful? I’m not sure, but maybe it can push you into positive things, if you let it. Maybe it’s nature’s way of telling you, that you need a time of contemplation and  rest. Unfortunately, we don’t have life counselors, the only person that can awaken you (as well as put you into it)from a torpor is YOU.

       To get out of a kind of sleep mode, a good method is to push yourself into an active one. Sign up for a yoga class, go out to a party, go to the theatre, take a walk in some nice park or forest, visit a museum or art gallery etc… You don’t have to/may not want to do these things at first, but maybe when you start some e.g. class, it will be a stimuli for permanent activity, which will become(or return to being) your lifestyle. Through these actions your mind will be tricked into thinking that you’re active and eventually it will become the truth.

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