Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Honesty-why must it be so negative?

Is telling the truth good?Do people who are always honest even exist?Why is it so hard to be straightforward?How come honesty is considered a virtue,but if we say someone is a completely honest person,we either portray them as naive or wicked,rude,mean?Does society truly support honesty?These are some of my questions and here are my thoughts on the subject of honesty..
Honesty can actually have a negative ring to it.It's often connected to criticism.The "Do you really want the truth?" makes you shiver, not feel relieved.People who boast that they are honest,generally criticize,but they seldomly give genuine compliments or speak frankly about their emotions.So honest people can be cruel,but it's harder for them to be nice,obviously,that would make them too vulnerable.So,the "nice" truth makes us seem weak.
Being honest is a kind of rebellion,an act of bravery.It is as admired as it is feared.Society thinks of honest people as childish,naive or uncultured.For me children are the most real human beings there are on this planet and there's nothing negative about them.Then we grow up to culture and society imprisoning us in social etiquette and a bunch of unnatural situations.Honesty actually causes awkwardness among people.Lack of straightforwardness causes that people are socially and emotionally retarded.We keep thinking,should I say this?How should I say this?etc.It limits our freedom.
If honesty was promoted and accepted in society,it would make interpersonal relations so much easier.Everyone would be able to communicate clearly.Maybe it would get rid of a part of evil in the world like manipulation and everything that is caused by lies.In order for truth to be accepted by both sides,the one who speaks it and the receiver,people would have to all be aware of this and agree to this.Then no one would take it badly.The truth would be a positive tool.
There was a film-"The invention of lying".It shows the world,when nobody has lied yet.It is like Eden.When a woman tells a man after the first date,that there won't be next one,because he is ugly,not well off,fat etc and their children won't have good genes,he accepts this.So easy,yet people choose to make it difficult.
The worst truth is better than the most beautiful lie.But not for everybody,so you never know if it's good to tell the truth.That's why a general agreement is needed.Of course,it's not possible,so many professions would stop having sense etc.
Now,here are some interesting quotes on the subject:

"In these times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act "- George Orwell.
I shall start this revolutionary act and try to tell the truth(positive and negative)as much as possible.I will try to be aware of telling white lies or omitting the truth etc.We might be so fake now,that we aren't conscious of when we lie.

People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.-Friedrich Nietzsche
Maybe destroying these illusions will lead to a positive change in the world. People should know for example,that some of their achievements according to society, aren't really worth much in life,for example being CEO of McDonald's is wasting your life and time on something that causes damage to people.Or illusions that they have what they want,but maybe it's what society wants not them.So destroying illusions can be positive.

“You," he said, "are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain.”― Emilie AutumnThe Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

A false world causes pain,because we live in a world where people hold back emotions,behaviors,thoughts etc.We cumulate this and keep it inside,so nobody knows it.Which doesn't allow us to get to know one another completely.It even prevents from having real feelings for others,because we must love the good and the bad,but if we don't know the real bad,then what?We're surrounded by lies and we also create them to be a part of society.So we also hold back our real selves.This is all very unhealthy for our mental state.That's why people turn to alcohol,drugs,sex and rock and roll(joke:P)etc.So another thing that would be solved to some point,if honesty would be socially accepted.
I understand this is an utopian vision.For society of course it is.Yet we are all individuals,and we can still make decisions concerning ourselves.It can be hard to make the right ones,but it can also be heroic:)The choice is up to us!